Quantum Meatballs received the 2008 “Texts for the Stage” prize given by the SSA

Reading performed in English with Luca Secrest and Nakia Syvonne, September 25, 2010

Performed in French at the Pulloff in Lausanne from January 5 – 24, 2010

The Théâtre de l’Arbanel in Treyvaux, February 5 and 6

The Oriental de Vevey, from February 17 – 21

The Théâtre de L’Alambic in Martigny, on February 25 and 26

The Petit Théâtre de Sion, March 4, 5 and 6

Théâtre 2.21 in Lausanne, September 23 – 25

A reclusive man obsessed with his mother, at home in his apartment. Every day his mother has a steaming box of thirty meatballs delivered to him by courier. His universe begins to implode when the delivery man is replaced by a delivery woman, when an unlikely romance springs up between them, when the flavor of the meatballs changes, and when he realizes that his shadow has grown to extreme proportions.

A quantum fable about our elementary meatballs.

written and directed by
benjamin knobil

luca secrest
nakia syvonne
lionel frésard

set design
néda loncarevic

diane grosset

laurent nennig

sound design
bernard amaudruz

viviane lima

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